Shell Through Time

Shell Through Time

The word ‘Shell’ first appeared in 1891 as the trade mark for kerosene being shipped by Marcus Samuel and Company. This business, based in London, originally dealt in antiques and oriental seashells. In 1897, Samuel formed the ‘Shell’ Transport and Trading company.

The first logo used, in 1901, was a mussel shell but by 1904 this had changed to a ‘Pecten’ which is a scallop shell. Whilst the logo started off as a realistic scallop shell, it has changed, over time, to the bold, defined shape with bright, distinctive colours that we see today.

The exact origin of the colour choice is hard to pin point but it certainly stands out. The use of red and yellow has been modified over the years, most noticeably in 1995, as can be seen from the image.

From the 1950’s, the logo became more simplified so that when used via fax or online, the image wouldn’t become blurred at a small size. Simplifying the logo also made it more recognisable and memorable, so much so that it often appears in isolation, without the company name for identity.

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