Seven Logo Design Tips

Logos - possibly the most important part of any branding project. The flag behind which all the other marketing materials follows. The beacon of light which is the centre of your brand, the heartbeat of your company.
Are you creating a new logo for your business?
Here are our top 7 tips to consider when developing a new brand identity mark:

1 .Logo Size

Make sure you consider what the logo will look like at a small size on the web and also what it might look like on the side of a bus. Great logos are sizeless as well as timeless. A key thing to remember is if the text readable when at a smaller scale.

2. Logo Colours

Think simple as well as complex. A logo should work in one colour as well as 4. Careful colour choice is essential to bring the right balance to a logo and for portraying the key messages.

3. Logo Balance

The composition of a logo is essential. The human mind prefers images which are spaced and composited in a way which does not jar or clutter. Consider this in regard to the layout of your logo. Adding space adds sophistication.

4. Logo Font

Probably the most important aspect of any modern logo design is the font. The font helps to create the tone and the portray the key messages of the brand. The font also helps the voice of any logo to speak to the

5. Logo Simplicity

A simple logo, with some text and a simple mark makes the most powerful impact. The more detail the more there is that will distract the viewer. The most memorable logos are usually simple.

6. Logo Originality

Do not copy. You will loose the respect of your customers and impact if your identity is not unique. Be original and different with your designs.

7. Logo Mark

Most logo's contain an Icon. Consider how the mark of your logo will look without it sitting next to the text. if you can create an icon which is recognisable you will truly have created a powerful brand identity.

If anyone else has any more tips to share feel free to leave them as a comment below. It would be great to hear from you.


Great post, simplistic and clear. I love the two points about a clear and simple logo with an icon. Nike have probably one of the best logos in the world, recognisable and yet so simplistic, the same with Apple in a way. If you see the logo, you recognise the brand and that is the key to great logo generation.