Improving your brand experience

Improving your brand experience
If you own a business you have a brand. You may not know it or you might be very aware of this fact - however the important thing to realise is how to make the most out of your brand.

What is a brand?

Let's just get a couple of things straight, right at the outset. A brand is not a product. A brand is not even a logo. So what is it then? It's the sum of all the feelings your audience have about your company. A brand exists in their heads. Good thoughts and bad thoughts which are all connected to how the they've experienced your products, services and company. It's these feelings which are you brand identity.
What is your brand

Find your voice

It is absolutely essential to ensure that you know what you want your brand to be and what it is, so that you can ensure that you can communicate what you're about and then deliver on your promise. This "brand voice" needs to be communicated through your whole business - from how your sales team operate, how your offices or retail shops are presented, to the marketing materials your produce, to the copy your audience will read  through to your website and social media channels. Once you have created a robust brand identity you will have one of the most powerful things in business. The key to creating it is to know what your brand is and to communicate that consistently.

It's all about the experience

Now you understand where we are coming from we want you to consider the following:

Your 'brand'

  • Can you describe your brand ethos in a sentence?
    Note: this is not what you "do" - this is what your business stands for
  • Do you know what people really think about your business?
  • Does your audiences view of your company marry with your brand ethos?
  • Does everyone in your company understand the brand ethos.

Your marketing materials

  • What paper are they printed on - Does the quality of paper reflect the brand ethos?
  • The design, fonts and colours - Are these the same across all materials?
  • The key, overriding messages - Again are these consistent and do they fit with your core brand ethos?

Your website

  • Does it's layout and messaging fit in with your brand ethos? Do your website visitors "feel" the same way as customers who visit your shops or call your offices?
  • Does the copy they read on your website fit with the way your sales staff would present to them?
  • Does the process
  • Does the visual 'look and feel' match up with your offline materials or premises?

In a nutshell - the killer question is: Are your offline and online experiences consistent with each other and with your brand ethos?


Is the experience the same?

How could you improve?

This is the age old question. If you answered no to any of the above questions - you probably know what you need to do.

If you need to identify your brand as you are unsure what it is you need to to this first. Find out what your brand currently is, find out what it is you want it to be. What do you stand for? What are your brand ethics?

Next, in order to ensure everything is consistent you need to revamp and bring all your materials alongside your brand ethos, otherwise you may actually be damaging your brand and not building it. Who knows how many more customers might be attracted to purchasing your product or service if their perception of your business could be improved by your brand voice being clear and consistent?

The offline world and the online world will always be a slightly different experience and customers will expect a slightly different service - but what if there are ways of closing the gaps? Could your brand voice be articulated more consistently? What if the website design and the offline purchasing  process could "feel" the same for the consumer? Are there things in the offline experience which could influence your website design and visa versa? Could your offline materials and your online materials be better fine-tuned to reflect your overall brand ethos?

Be consistent

These questions and more are what we, at Attitude Design, can help you with - so why not contact us and book an appointment to see how we can tune - your online experience in with your offline - or even visa versa!