How to do a cut out using the pen tool

 Adobe Photoshop Tutorial

Cut outs - a basic skill that all designers will need to learn how to do. This one is for all those beginners out there who have just purchased a copy of Adobe Photoshop and were wondering how to do a cut out. Enjoy:

Step 1 / Opening an image

First of all we need to open the image you want to cut out. To do this, hit 'CMD+O' and click on the image you want to use. Then hit 'open'.


Step 2 / Finding the pen tool

The pen tool is located in the tool bar on the left hand side of the screen.


Step 3 / Using the pen tool

To start off, we need to choose an area to begin the outline we will be making with the pen tool. Once chosen, click once and a small square will appear.

Now we need to click another point on the image near to where we made the first point. Once clicked, hold down and drag so that the line runs along the edge of the area we are cutting out. When happy with the line, let go.

Continue this message around your image. It is best to keep the points close together to insure an accurate cut out.

To complete the outline, click on your start point and all the points will disappear leaving your outline around the image.

Step 4/ Changing layer name

Now that the outline is drawn around your image, we need to rename the layer. To do this, double click the layer and type in the name you want to call the layer and hit OK.

Step 5/ Removing the area around the selection

Now we need to remove the area around your image. To do this, click Path in the right hand side bar. Then at the bottom of the Path menu, there is a row of 6 icons. Click the 3rd from the left and this will cause your outline to become a dotted line. At the moment it will be selecting the section of the image that you want to keep so we need to select the outward area.

To do this, press cmd+shift+I and this will select the outward area.

Now simply hit backspace or delete and you will be left with your image cut out.