Google Web Fonts

Google Web Fonts is a growing directory of web fonts for all to help themselves to; a resource that is increasingly used by many professional web designers and developers.

How does it work?

The directory contains hundreds of font families. All fonts are Open Source, which is brilliant as it means they are free to use, share and customise for personal or commercial projects for both print and web. All free and legal!

The process is simple:

1. Choose and Collect
The easy search facility allows the user to quickly search fonts by categories, thickness, slant, width and script. Preview text and size can also be adjusted so you can find the perfect font for your need. Your selected fonts are saved into a collection. When finished, you can review / edit your collection and a handy gauge estimates the fonts impact on page loading time.

2. Copy and Paste
Once you have made your collection, you can simply copy and paste the generated code into your website and you are ready to go! Your collection can also be downloaded to your computer for use in documents and design projects.

3. Integrate
Simply integrate the font in your websites CSS and hey presto! Beautiful typography and smooth, speedy browsing. It really is that simple and as free as air.

Why web fonts?

Typography is a vital element of your brand identity and directly affects the customers perception of your brand. Font consistency within a brand is essential. Web fonts were introduced in 2009 to enable companies to extend their brand identity digitally, with minimal costs and interference to their customers’ brand experience.

What does this mean for Designers and Developers?

Web fonts save developers and designers the time and hassle of embedding fonts into graphics, creating and editing extra graphics and reducing file sizes. They also enable text to scale fluidly; making responsive design and development for different devices more affective. Altogether, web fonts make life much easier and in the process, bringing beautiful typography to the web.