Attitude Redesign the Hallam Internet website

Once again Attitude Design have worked with Hallam Internet to redesign the Hallam website, Hallam are a fantastic team of search engine optimisation experts offering an unparalleled SEO service under the leadership of the renowned internet marketing speaker Susan Hallam. Through the websites various stages, the Attitude team have consistently developed the design and structure to keep it fresh and professional, making it easier to navigate and more powerful to the user. This marks a new development of the Hallam brand identity by presenting the quality services of Hallam Internet in a powerful and modern website.

Old Design

Compare with the old design below, the new design flows smoothly and notice how the subtle use of shadows and forms set the framework, bringing a clean cut finish without losing structure or looking too rigid. The Hallam purple is set off by the use of the pale grey that breaks up the page. The navigation is simplified and careful typography maximises the contrast and clarity of the key messages. Adopting more modern elements make the pages easier on the eye and result in a lighter, more spacious and well structured website.

Call To Action

Throughout the pages are Call To Action sections, which are fully customizable, allowing the attention of site visitors to be guided towards new or important content whilst also aiding the continuity of the design.

Home Page Ticker

The home page now features a fully customisable ticker, which displays key messages to help direct visitors to useful pages. Using large crisp images and snappy messages, attention is kept and important shortcuts transfer visitors to the pages they need most.


Each Hallam Internet author has a profile page complete with a customisable contact form that can be modified to fit each team member. The website is also integrated with Google+, allowing articles to be matched to their authors on a Google search. The website is also fully linked to social media and it is easy to follow individual team members, keep up to date and share pages. This allows clients to view the latest activity of Hallam on the social sites they visit daily.

Optimised for iphone/ipad using the 1140 grid system

The website is built using the 1140px grid system, making it work fluidly accross different screens, adapting itself for ipad and iphone so that all content can be viewed wherever you are, quickly and clearly! We feel it is important to make the website fully accessible as the number of ipad/iphone visitors rise.


An informative video interview with Director Susan Hallam adds personality to the message, whilst testimonials from clients also bring a personal touch to the website, in addition to confirming that the company is trustworthy. Videos are engaging and are great for efficiently communicating more information in less time it takes to read. Everyone loves videos! View them here »


Finally, the Hallam website content is managed using Wordpress. WordPress is easy to use and the entire website is customisable, allowing Hallam to update the site regularly and efficiently to focus on relevant news and services, so that the website works like a flexible tool, growing and changing to match the company and its communication needs.

Work with Attitude

If you need your website redesigning and want some Attitude - why not contact us. As we hope  you'll agree, the project above shows we offer the perfect union between form and function so be sure to drop us a line if you need a website design (rhyme not intended but it does have a nice ring to it!)...