Attitude Design featured in New Viscomm Textbook

Viscomm: A Guide to Visual Communication Design
We love it when people feature our work! The Attitude brand design for Global Office Supplies  has been featured in a new educational textbook “Viscomm: A Guide to Visual Communication Design VCE” by Jacinta Patterson and Joanne Saville published by Cambridge University Press.

The book provides theoretical and practical resources, techniques, examples of contemporary design and trends by designers and students and focusses on both historical and contemporary typographic practice.

We are honoured to contribute to such a brilliant book!

The new book is will be available in print and digital from October 2012. Details below.

viscomm: A guide to visual communication design

Authors: Jacinta Patterson, Joanne Saville
Series: viscomm: A guide to Visual Communication Design VCE
ISBN-13: 9781107688292
ISBN-10: 1107688299
Price: c. AUD$59.95 c. NZD$77.95  (NZ firmsale only)
Availability: Forthcoming
Format: Printed Textbook & PDF Textbook
Edition: First
Subject Areas: Arts
Levels: Year 11, Year 12
States: Victoria