Spiffingly Good Re-design of the Attitude Site

Attitude Graphic Design Home Page

As you've probably noticed, the Attitude Design site has just had a makeover. We're pleased to announce version 7 of the Attitude site, and (although we might be a teeny weeny bit biased) we think it's the best one yet!

Welcome to our sparkling new website

Attitude Graphic Design Service

Attitude Design Graphic Design

There is so much to talk about it's hard to know where to begin. We've continued our brand theme of a stately victorian home into this version. The main colour has been lightened to a slick cream shade so the text is easier to read and the site features a "stately home" theme - with a floorboard effect on the homepage, ornate door on the about us page, beautiful desk on the Services page and an inviting looking chair on the contact page. (No, unfortunately we don't have a butler.)

Graphic Design Portfolio

The portfolio page really stands out - this area now features a bookcase and each shelf houses an example of our high quality design work. Click on the arrows next to each piece of work and you will be scrolled through to a further example from that project. We also plan to add further functionality to this area - such as client testimonials and key facts.


When creating the new design, we also thought long and hard about how we could communicate information about our process and the services we offer in an easier way. These areas of a site often become extremely "texty" and laborious to read. Answer? Cool 'infographics'! And we're really pleased with the ones we have developed for Our Process and Services.

Attitude Services Infographic

Attitude Design Process Infographic

These info-graphics communicate the information quickly and effectively - which is just what you want. We are also developing similar graphics for our services pages to make them more useful.

iPad usage

Attitude Design iPad

The site has a special style sheet which ensures it looks tasty on an ipad and we also hope to be shortly releasing a mobile version of the site too. Watch this space!

Technology update

The programming technology of the site has also had a make over with the site using HTML5 and CSS3 for things like rounded corners, drop shadows, rollovers etc.

Immediate impact

The new design has already made an immediate impact with the site already being featured in prestigiuos graphic design galleries such as CSSmania and CSSYorkshire. The header graphics of the site have also been well received by the community over at LoveDsgn. We hope to continue to make a splash with new features and graphics.

All in all we're really excited with the new design. Feel free to have a good nosy round and check out the great new design features. Fancy a bit of Attitude for your website? Contact us for a free quote today.