Logo a go-go

Here's an acronym to help you remember the important features of a logo.  How well does yours do?

LOGIC.  A logo must have reasoning and purpose to work.  The font, the image, the letters, the colours, the impact must all have rationale.  A logo without logic is a sign without meaning, an empty symbol that shouts amateur and unprofessional.

ORIGINALITY.  A logo must enable your business to stand out and be noticed against the competitors in your market. It must be unique to you, personalised and individual. It must work in all its environs, from the handed out business card through to the website, your visible presence in the global market.

GREATNESS.  A logo must be strong, definite, have impact and tap into the viewers’ subconscious so that it is memorable and easy to recall. Just one look tells us who and what you are.  It’s your identity, persona out in the big, wide world.

OUTLOOK.  A logo or brand identity is what defines you. Strong colours, shapes and design reflect power and professionalism. Clear and simple design suggests a business that is well organised with straightforward procedures. Modern design suggests a company that is up to date and contemporary.

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