Hicks Clicks - The Secret of top E-Commerce websites

Recognise this? It’s Hick's Law, which describes the time it takes for a person to make a decision as a result of the possible choices he or she has. This idea is well worth reading up on especially if you have an e-commerce website.

What's that got to do with e-commerce sites? Everything! The more choices you offer a user the more difficult it becomes for them to make a decision. Here are some top tips to use Hick's law in your e-commerce website design:

Two Click rule

The more clicks a potential customer has to make before they start buying from your site, the more choices they have, the less likely they are to buy. So keep it simple and easy. No more than 2 clicks before they can start buying
Home Page offer. Get them shopping on the first page of your site to maximise purchases. Maybe feature a special offer or today’s favourite product or this month’s new product range.


Keep it simple and where possible use a good drop down navigation which allows customers to browse categories of products and get to where they need to be quickly.

Search box

If a customer knows what they want they don’t want to trail through loads of options. Make sure your search box is clearly labelled and easy to notice. Also ensure it works well pulling up relevant results.

Looking for inspiration? Here's some really good e-commerce sites to get inspiration from:

So make sure you are making things as simple as possible for your users and ensure they get to the product they need by following our simple tips...


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