12 Free Victorian Vectors


Free Victorian Vectors

Free victorian vector shapes for download!

Victorian Shapes - Free vector download

Ladies and gentlemen. At Attitude Design we love the Victorians. Their amazing knack of being able to create functional but beautiful things is extraordinary. Their long lasting influence is something we draw on all the time in our work as we too true try to balance form and function.

We have created a set of stunning victorian vector borders and Victorian shapes to celebrate the wonder of the Victorian style. The shapes created are really useful for creating elegant boarders or adding a special flourish to a design.  We hope you enjoy them and if you do end up using any please be sure to add a comment below and a link to where you have done so. We hope you enjoy them!

Download free victorian vectors

Download zip file (700kb)
(right click and save to desktop)

Now get creative! Leave us a comment about how you get on!


Terms of use of our Victorian vectors

You may: use this vector artowrk in the creation of any commercial or non-commercial work – mentioning Attitude Design if you do so would be a nice gesture of gratitude.

You may not: distribute this vector artwork in anyway or resell this vector artwork


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2 Responses to “12 Free Victorian Vectors”

  1. Roger Chasteauneuf

    24th March 2011

    Lovely set attitude, thank you kindly. I will indeed be using these!

    thanks again!

  2. sandy rowley

    27th July 2011

    Beautiful sets…will use and send the final design.

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