Free Vector Manicules


Free Vector Manicules


Free Manicules


















Wow – another giveaway from the Attitude Design studio. This time it’s a pair of left and right pointing hands called manicules drawn by our team.

The manicule was a popular punctuation mark in the middle ages. It was used to draw attention to important text but fell into disuse – probably because it was so complex to replicate.

To jazz up a design which harks back to the past why not download our free vector manicules. Enjoy!


Download free vector Manicules

Download zip file (1.4mb)

(right click and save to desktop)

Now get creative! Leave us a comment about how you get on!


Terms of use of our Vector Manicules

You may: use this vector artwork in the creation of any commercial or non-commercial work – mentioning Attitude Design if you do so would be a nice gesture of gratitude.

You may not: distribute this vector artwork in anyway or resell this vector artwork


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2 Responses to “Free Vector Manicules”

  1. Joseph Rose

    16th August 2011

    This link seems to be broken. Can we get it back?

  2. Matt Davies Attitude Design

    16th August 2011

    Hi Joseph – thanks for letting us know. The link has now been sorted!

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