Attitude Design work with designer clothing brand - Peckham Rye

Peckham Rye had an amazing story to tell. A 200 year old family company which finds its roots with a humble London beginning but their finely tailored clothes and accessories are now sold globally and worn by royalty and celebrities such as Daniel Craig and David Beckham. With the family company having reached its sixth generation, there’s quite a tale to tell. Peckham Rye approached Attitude Design to help tell the fascinating tale of their brand and to market their wears online. We are pleased to announce that we've recently launched their new website

Telling the brand story

All of the design elements we have produced for Peckham Rye work together to help tell the brand's story - drawing on the brand's British heritage and humble beginnings. Victorian craft, British pride, fun typography and a rough and ready feel are all themes which ooze out of the online materials we have produced for the brand. We worked with the Peckham team to create this style, exploring with them their past and finding the unique brand values which make the brand what it is today. This research revealed an amazing story which needed to be told.

Matt Davies, Creative Director, at Attitude Design explains:
“Human beings love a good story - especially one that’s true. Using our expertise in developing heritage brands we worked closely with the Peckham Rye team to tell their story. It’s an honour to have been involved in cementing this historic brand in the modern era.”

Here are some early mood boards we produced for our initial meetings with the Peckham Rye team. Very early on it became apparent that the brand's heritage made it stand out from other designer brands and so a decision to focus on that aspect of their brand story in the graphic imagery to be used on the site was made.

The Attitude Team were soon producing all sorts of design elements influenced heavily from the Victorian era and style of design but each being dressed up in a distinctive "Peckham Rye" feel. All design features are slightly worn out and have alot of fine detail. Some are shown below:

However while the company is steeped in British history, its new website is focused firmly on taking the company into the future, with a feature animation, full content management, social media integration and e-commerce functionality all built by the Attitude team.


On a visit to the Peckham Rye shop in Carnaby London it was clear that to shop at Peckham Rye was a unique experience. The staff in the shop were very friendly, with an expert knowledge on all of their products. The shop itself was full of nicknacks and items which related to the McCarthy and Brighty family who are the founders of the brand and whose 6 generations have served the world with their fine tailoring. It was our aim to take as much of this unique experience from the real world to the online world - ensuring the website had the same "feel" as the Carnaby shop.

The e-commerce portal on the site makes it easy for customers to get their hands on a piece of great British tailoring, wherever they are in the world. We have ensured that the fresh brand image does not compromise ease of navigation around the site but that it maximises the chance of users purchasing items. It’s something of which we hope Tommy McCarthy, who founded Peckham Rye back in 1813, would surely be very proud.

An Animated story

One of the main talking points of the site is the brand animation which tells the story of the 6 generations of the family who have given the world Peckham Rye. The animation drew on many of the initial work and research the Attitude Design team had worked on and brought it all together. Below are some initial story boards for the animation:

These story boards eventualy became the Peckham Rye "Meet the family" animation which is shown on the Peckham website here. Below is a YouTube Version:

Here are some shots of the animation in production. You can see here our Creative Director Matt Davies in the Paper Stone recording studio and, piecing it all together, Neil Rostance (bottom right) of Fat Free Media who assisted the Attitude team.

Another Happy Client

Martin Brighty, Director of Peckham Rye had these kind words to say about the work we have done for him:
“We were really pleased to find Attitude Design, after much searching. Many other web design companies we spoke to first had some great ideas, but these were generally for adaptations to off-the-shelf-sites. Several of the companies we were speaking to even refused to come and see us at our shop. Attitude came along and met us in person... they understood what we were about and how best to present our shop and brand heritage in an engaging and quite unique way online.”

So another happy client and exciting project under our belts. We look forward to continuing to work with Peckham Rye as we seek to strengthen their brand over time.


You should be very chuffed with yourselves.
The work is both intricately beautiful and powerful.
I wish we had done it.