Attitude design the new Hallam Website

The team at Attitude Design are very pleased to have been commissioned by Hallam Communications to re-design their exciting new website. We created the previous design for the Hallam website some time ago and were extremely excited to work with the Hallam Communications team again. The new design moves the Hallam brand on, bringing out the qualities of the team and "no nonsense" business attitude that Hallam are known for.

The New Hallam Design:

The old website design (see below) had focused on the managing director of Hallam Communications - Susan Hallam who is very much the face of the brand. However, as time has progressed so Hallam has developed as a business, with new team members being added - who are experts in their own right. The new design has deliberately moved away from the focus being on Susan to being more about what the team offers as a whole.

Old Site Design:

When the old and new designs are compared, you can see that more modern elements have been introduced (like rounded corners) and a less garish and more business like purple has replaced the orange. The over-all message is about what Hallam communications offers and has a wider appeal.

A number of strategies and elements have been introduced to maximise the design's impact. Here we have a look at the new design in a little more detail and have highlighted x6 key areas which all work together to build confidence in the Hallam brand:

1. Video

Video of Susan HallamVideo testimonials are included in the homepage of the website and throughout. This builds trust in the brand - by showing 'real' people who have worked with Hallam and the positive affect Hallam has had on their business. There is also a video of the managing director Susan (shown on the left) which again builds trust - showing her genuine passion and business knowledge. Video has always been the communication style of choice but it's only in the last few years that this has become possible over the web. As time goes on video is going to play a more important role in convincing users and converting sales. This is why we have developed a whole "Video" section on Hallam's new site which should grow into a brilliant set of video resources - adding yet further to the trust customers will place in Hallam.

2. Facts & Figures

The inclusion of case studies is another great way of practically displaying what it is that Hallam do for their clients. We developed the site so that 'key' case studies can be pulled through to the homepage or side bar of the site. These highlight tangible results that Hallam's expertise has had on specific companies. Again, this boosts trust and confidence in the brand - as one that actually produces results.

3. Messaging

Home Page Layout

Key messaging is strategically placed on the homepage. When a visitor arrives on a site you have about 1 or 2 seconds to get your message across and this is done with the clear message area. A main central message placed in the header and 3 further areas underneath. On coming to the website people can easily find their way around, understand what it is that Hallam do and importantly - get in touch.

4. Calls to Action

Footer calls to action

There are clear calls to action placed all over the design. The company telephone number is prominent in the header as well as calls to action being dotted around the text and side columns. At the bottom of every page there is a clear call to action to get in touch with Hallam - this maximises the chances of users using the contact page. This is a tried and tested stratey which we have employed for our clients for a few years now. Mike Hunter of Better Languages told us proudly the other day how that because of the calls to action we designed on his site, his contact page is the second most popular page on his site!

5. Trust points


Does your company belong to any quality assured organisations or trade groups? Has your company qualified for a industry certificate? These can really help build confidence with your target audience and so placing them on your website can help convince a user of your authenticity. We placed these in the footer of all Hallam's pages to help add further trust to the brand.

6. Social Media

Social media helps people to connect with your brand on web platforms they visit regularly - it's the modern way to communicate. By having your brand on social media it allows your brand to influence people who have come in contact with you in ways more convenient to them. It also helps you to listen and engage with your audience. We integrated the Hallam website with social media so that when posts are made on the blog then all the social media accounts automatically make a post to the new content. We placed the social media links in the footer and throughout the site to help encourage "mini" conversions whereby users might keep in touch with the Hallam brand after leaving the site.


There are many other strategic features we added to the site but the x6 above will have to do for now! If you like our approach and have a project we might be able to work with you on feel free to pop in and see us or contact us today so that we can have a chat about your requirements and discuss what strategies we could employ to help you reach your business goals. As we have seen with Hallam's site, improvements can always be made to a website so even if you have an existing site it's worth seeing what Attitude can do to increase your profits...

From Hallam's Blog

Read what Hallam had to say about their new site on their blog post entitled: "New Hallam Website: so many people to thank" where Susan Hallam writes the following kind words about our service: "The web design team at Attitude Design did a superb job in honing the creative concept, and in the technical development of the new site. I have worked with Matt Davies for more years than I care to mention, and for the third time he has guided me towards a web design that is representative of the business.  His colleague Dan Clarke delivered technical flair in further extending the functionality of our WordPress website."

We were also excited to see a post entitled "4 things I love about our new website" written again by Susan Hallam who highlights some key areas which she particulay likes. It's always nice to have positive feedback like that!


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