Attitude Design produce Actons Videos

Lights, Camera, Action!

We're pleased to announce that we have recently filmed, edited and produced 6 videos for the Actons Solicitors Personally Injury Department. The videos fit in with a larger pay per click and brand strategy and users will be encouraged to view the videos after coming to the Actons site via a Google adword advert campaign.

The power of video

Videos like these are a perfect example of how powerful video on the web is. The videos are directly targeted at the audience and are personal. Real solicitors are featured in them speaking clearly and enthusiastically about a specific service which will help the user with their problem. This is far better than a user facing a wall of text.

Less is more

"The design of these videos is all about simplicity", Attitude
Design's Creative Directer Matt Davies says. "There is no clutter, no distraction - just the simplicity of a solicitor explaining a quality service as if you were meeting them face to face. They feel spacious and professional and have been designed to not only educate but give authority to our client. The great thing about the web now is that we can now stream these videos to our audiences. Whereas historically they would have to read about these services online they can now have a real person explain them to them - this is the future of the web..."

Get your video today!

Let us know if you need any videos producing to fit in with any campaigns you might be planning. The Attitude Team would love to help...

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