50 Inspirational iPhone App Icons

The amazing Apple iPhone continues to grow in popularity and with it the "Apps" (Applications) which can be downloaded and installed onto it. It truly is "App"-Mazing! The App 'icon' is a key feature to developing a popular app - many potential purchasers will seek to find out more about an app simply because of the great looking icon it has in the iTunes store.

This has opened a whole new genre of brand identity. Once which has to keep the identity in a boxed shape. One which is purely for the screen and so that multiple colours and pixel perfect precision can be used to great effect.

We are currently in the process of developing two new iPhone apps for our clients and we know how tough it is to get a great looking App icon. So - we thought we'd help y'all out by compiling a few of our favourite app icons and hope they inspire you! Enjoy!

If you have an app you wish to develop for your business give us a shout and lets chat about what Attitude can do for you...

Disclaimer: We are not attempting to take any credit for the above work – we have had nothing to do with any of the designs shown. If you have any questions regarding this please contact us.