Time Machine / 60s/70s Beer Graphic Design

Beer. It conjures up images of relaxing after a hard day, feet up, refreshing cool taste, summer barbeques and more... Not a difficult product to advertise then you might say? Well, as with all products if it's not presented well then this can affect sales - no matter how nice it might be! Here we have a look at how beer was advertised and packaged in the 60s and 70s. Be inspired by a bit of retro style.

Disclaimer: We are not attempting to take any credit for the above work – we have had nothing to do with any of the designs shown. If you have any questions regarding this please contact us.


These are great examples of beer poster designs. I really like the Budweiser ones. its great to see how much advertising has changed and the similarities in the designs of the posters.

It's a great collection of vintage beer ads. Souvenirs from an era long gone.

I miss the old days, back when the beer ads were all about the beer.