Social Media Revolution

We came across this amazing video which introduces and explains why social media is so important for businesses today:

So - how well do you use social media? Are you engaging with your audience on the platforms they visit every day? Are you listening to their feedback and are you in a position to respond where appropriate? Do you have a strategy in place to build brand awareness across social media networks? Do you use social media to create a "buzz" around your products or promotions? If not - why not!?

Ensure that your marketing is integrated and make sure your brand voice is as consistent across all media - printed documents, website and social media. Ensure that your marketing strategy covers all areas of communication otherwise you may find you are missing a trick.

Just as most businesses have brand guidelines for how to consistently create printed materials, why not consider producing a set of guidelines for members of your organisation so that they can strategically use social media for the good of the business? If you need any help or advice with producing such internal documentation to ensure your business is performing within a strategic marketing strategy, give us a shout.