The Internet Conference 2010

The brand identity we designed for the prestigious conference

We have recently been involved in exhibiting and sponsoring The Internet Conference. Held in Nottingham at the East Midlands Conference Centre and hosted by Hallam Communications - our expectations were high!

The Event was held at The East Midlands Conference Centre, Nottingham

We knew it would be brilliant as soon as Susan Hallam walked down through the audience towards the stage to a Black Eyed Pea's thumper. Giving us a brief welcome she introduced Charles Arthur, the Technology Editor from the Guardian. He talked about how to assess change on the internet and talked about many of the new technologies and trends happening right now. Amongst the bunch was HTML 5 and the importance of websites which work on mobile devices. Susan then took over in her usual charismatic style, with an introduction to the new features of Google. Tips about Google Snippets and Google Places featured heavily.

The rest of the day followed with high quality speakers, intermingled with coffee breaks and lunch.

Natasha Barnett teamed up with Susan in their "Web Inspector" session. They pulled up delegates websites and critiqued them - pointing out, and allowing the audience to point out, where websites could be improved. Some comments were harsh - but fair. One of our clients, Mike from Better Languages had his site put up. We held our breath - our reputations at stake!

Natasha Barnett, Head of Web Marketing at Capital One, shows our Better Languages website as an example of good web-design.

Phew - the gurus loved it! Commenting on the clear and easy navigation, the good SEO, clear messaging and simple calls to action. Later they also demoed the site. A site we had designed to ensure that it could easily be read on a hand held device. Again, positive comments - we must be doing something right!

Kelly Herrick of Abacus Lighting was excellent in her introduction to Twitter for business - as well as Richard Flewitt who gave a brilliant talk about the power of video. He mentioned that YouTube was the second largest search engine - a fact which raised a few eyebrows...

Later Dr Mike Baxter talked about users' psychological processes when they come to purchase online. Brilliant, logical and in-depth - he really educated the audience.

Dr. Mike Baxter in full swing

There were of course many other speakers (see the program here) although we have only reported on the ones we were able to listen to. Speaking to other delegates they all reported that the event was worthwhile and that they had learnt lots of practical things which will help boost their online marketing.

Some of the materials we produced for the event...

It was an honour to be associated and involved in the event. We supplied the brand identity and many promotional materials for the event - including the website.

Paul Allen, our marketing strategist at our stand

The message of our stand "your brand is priceless"

We were also exhibiting at the event and met many brilliant people. It was great to be able to discuss our passion about what we do. If you were there and didn't get a chance to speak with us - be sure to drop us a line or follow us on Twitter.

So - was it worth being involved in? Definitely. Would we go again? Absolutely! It was a positive educational time - let's hope Hallam Communications host another one soon!


The slides for most of the presentations can be found here:

It was great to meet you. Thanks for your kind comments and we all look forward to working with you again soon! From the comments we have had so far it looked like people enjoyed it.