The death of Herbert in the corner

Many will be sad to hear that our studio plant - tenderly known as "Herbert" - has sadly passed away. He will be dearly missed. Known to have been a bushy "Heteropanax" from Asia he now is little more than a twig in a pot.

The plant detectives think that the cause of his death is lack of water over the Christmas break and then maybe an over watering upon our return. The investigation is ongoing...

Job Vacancy

We are currently seeking a dedicated plant to sit in the corner. Applicants will need at least 2 days previous experience and look good. Wage: water (occasionally).


If you think any plant is going to want to come and live at your office after seing 'death' by neglect over the Christmas period, then you must be barking. (excuse the pun)
I suggest a plastic one, which can not be killed, and stand there nicely collecting dust.
Or try a cactus, as they like not being watered from Sept to Marchish, and this will mean no one will laze around in that corner incase of getting needles in there back.
All the best for new applicants.
Your sincerely,
Jackie Plantlover.

Dear Attitude Design,

As I can see you are very dedicated and hard working to your clients, that ones 'plant' has deceased quietly in the corner. This is very sad for said plant, but I applaud you in your dedication to your clients.
We would recommend that your next 'living' plant should be 'kept an eye on' and in times of absence one can put a 'self watering' device into the soil to irrigate it whilst the office is empty. They often come in a ball shape which you fill with water then turn upside down and a dripper nozel will slowly drip water into the soil. These devices are not too expensive, and your plant will thankyou for your care.
We have found this has worked for our friend 'Weed' whom we have looked after for many many years. Also it is always kind to remember to communicate with your plant as they do like a good natter.

Best wishes,
Bill and Ben.

I have heard a whisper in my office that Ivy is interested in your possition but she is nervous about sending in her CV, as she comes across as rather 'hard' and unkempt at times. She is always prepared to grow, which I'm sure 'you' at 'Attitude Design' would be happy with. She wouldn't want to take over the place. She would happily sit back and progress gently. Just a thought! Please give me the 'sign', if you are interested in how to contact her.