Review / The Top 10 Best Web Hosting

As a graphic design company, we often recommend hosting companies to our clients. After looking at we can definitely say that this is an ideal site for us to mention to our clients when they are searching for a hosting company.

From the website, you can instantly see a snap shot of high performing hosting companies. Each listed company has a review section which is easily accessed by clicking one button. There are lots of reviews for each hosting company which you can read through before making a decision.

There are also star ratings for key areas such as 'Reliability & Uptime', 'Tech Response Time' and so on. This is great for those in a hurry and who just want to see performance levels at a glance without having to read through reviews.

The site also offers a simple comparison chart which compares its top ten hosting companies - so you can see at a glance what features each company offers and how they compare for price.

As companies constantly change in terms of the service they offer and packages/prices available, this site is a great way of getting up to date information on the best hosting company for you.

So over all we think that this is a great resource which will be a "must visit site" for anyone looking to purchase web hosting...

Please note: this is a paid review...