Inspirational Creative TV Adverts

We stumbled across these really creative videos on YouTube the other day. Posted by the bizarly named "funnyvideo07" these are clever adverts compiled together and serve as a useful source of inspiration. Marketing messages communicated clearly and effectively help sell products and we hope that these adverts might inspire you as much as they did us. Enjoy...

Creative TV Adverts Part 1

Creative TV Adverts Part 2

Creative TV Adverts Part 3


really cool!!!

Creativity in TV adverts only works if it makes sense and still sells the product. The HSBC advert works very well as it gives a new spin on the banking world showing that they are global and understand that people from different places are different. This still connects to the bank and makes its audience feel like they can be understood. The Centraal Beheer advert is a very good example of how a humorous advert can work to a companies advantage. This grabs the users attention with the twist at the end. However, some of these adverts do not work very well like the Media Markt advert. A man running in the nude doesn't advertise the company. At the end of the advert I still couldn't remember the name of the company or what they were trying to sell, this shows that it doesn't work.

These are awesome ads. really innovative.

Thanks for sharing.

I think creative advertising can be really effective and subconsciously influence the audience. If the advert is clever or funny the audience is more inclined to watch it numerous times and it can even become a talking point at work, or home, which can only be good for the brand. Also creative advertising can help to re-brand a company to update its image or appeal to a different audience like the younger generation.

Brilliant those are some funny adverts kinda missed the point I can't recall a single product they were trying to sell.