Happy New Year 2010!


All of us here at Attitude Design wish you a very happy new year for 2010.

To start the new year with a bang - why not download our FREE desktop wallpaper. Select a size from the list below (right-click and "save to desktop"):

We'll be hear to help you with any design challenges which may come your way throughout the year and are always happy to hear about any new projects which we can quote on. If you do have any projects you might like us to look at - be quick - it's looking very busy already!


Nice design. Let's look forward to a great year.

WHERE IS THE HELVETICA? CALL YOURSELVES GRAPHIC DESIGNERS!!!!! if you are all under 25 I understand ( really I do )........
poooor young designers of today you are all so RETRO...use your IMAGINATION and stop crawling back, put a smile in the mind