Give Direction to Your Business

Clients often want to ‘come in’ and meet their designers - even if it’s just for an initial chat. They want to see our premises and get a feel for the type of company we are and we always enjoy having a coffee and meeting new people.

Most businesses will have a contact page - with address details, but have you got a map showing your location which is designed to be in keeping with your overall brand? Google maps is fairly good - however it is not easy to see at first glance where useful locations such as transport links are, and in addition Google maps are not consistent with your brand.

Attitude Design can create a street map - showing your location - with a zoom in of your office and highlighting key locations in the area such as bus stations and car parking. The map will be designed in line with your company brand - helping to increase consistency on your site.

A couple of our map design examples can be found below:

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