Attitude Design produce Actons Solicitors website

We've recently designed a fresh brand and website for Actons Injury Solicitors. The brand image was to be friendly yet professional. The design was not to look "stuffy" or "traditional" but to appeal to a web savvy audience.

We worked with the Actons team to achieve this by firstly creating a new brand identity which used a mixture of a slick, professional font and a more loose hand written one. The two balanced each other out, giving the persona the brief required. We also chose two main brand colours - again one was quite bright (orange) and friendly whilst the other more reserved (dark mauve).

This brand identity led to the design of the web site which built upon the same principles - mixing a professional slick feel with friendly bubbly design elements. We ensured that key messages were clear and that there were plenty of calls to action which were strategically laid out to maximize the site's effectiveness.

We also produced a very functional content management system for the site which empowers the Actons team to create flexible landing pages for the website. We used the open source platform Drupal which allows alot of flexibility in building the website's functionality.

The website also contains an interactive Flash feature we nicknamed "Mr Actons" which can be seen on the injury claim information page. Users can select areas of a figure which displays useful information about what could be claimed for if that area was injured.

The site also integrates with social media platforms - automatically notifying them of any new blog posts which are entered by the Actons team into the website and thereby saving time. We ensured the branding is reflected across those social media sites.

This is what Actons had to say:

"We have been very impressed with Attitude Design from the outset.  They, have always been extremely pro-active and exceeded our expectations with the, design process,  their flexibility and their willingness to help at every, stage.  The finished website was delivered on time and had more impressive, features than we could have ever imagined.  We have received some fantastic, feedback since the site was launched and would not hesitate to recommend or, use them again. Thank you." Victoria Morrell / Project Manager

So, another happy client and another site to add to the portfolio! Feel free to browse any of the other website projects we've completed in our website portfolio »


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