6 Tips for excellent e-News

Sending out e-newsletters is a great way to keep in touch with your clients and potential clients. It reminds people of your presence and enables you to keep them up to date with your key messages/offers/news etc. It's also extremely cheap (when compared to printing mailers on a regular basis) and eco-friendly.

Here at Attitude Design we have found the email marketing service MailChimp to be a great service. It is free (up to certain limits) and easy to use. Please see http://www.mailchimp.com/ for more information. We can help you set up a Mail Chimp account and also provide design services so that your mailers are branded when they go out. We can also help with your e-marketing strategy. Contact us to find out more »

Here are some guidelines to help you create the perfect e-News!

1. Keep it Simple

Try to ensure that each eNews has just one message at a time. This makes it more powerful and ensures that the reader fully appreciates what you are trying to convey. People tend to skim read when reading from a screen and therefore if there are too many messages/pieces of information the reader will probably give up and miss any message that is there.

2. Utilize Key Dates

Make use of special days in the calendar to make your marketing more effective. Some examples are outined below:

Restaurant - Valentines Day menu, Christmas menu
Card/gift shop - Mother's Day, Father's Day, etc.
Gardening business - First Day of Spring, Summer etc.
Charity - Red Nose Day etc.

People are probably already looking for something in relation to those special days - so by getting your message out there you are increasing the chance that your target audience will choose YOUR business.

3. Provide a Way to Get in Touch

Always provide your contact details - or a link to your website's contact page on your eNews. It's no good advertising your services but then not giving people an easy way to get in touch. It's also important to remember that people must have the option to unsubsribe from your email lists.

4. Utilize mailing lists

Create different lists for different categories of people - e.g. existing clients, potential clients, and so on. You can then target these different audiences with messaging appropriate to their category. For example a decorating business may want to send out an email advertising a special deal to anyone who 'recommends a friend' - however it's no good including people on this list who may have once shown interest in your services but have never actually used them. Always ensure that people who are on your mailing lists have provided their permission for this.

5. Keep a Balance

Make sure you balance how often you send out your eNews - you don't want to get annoying as this will have the opposite effect to encouraging business. At the same time you don't want people to forget about you! Once a month might be the right sort of frequency to consider.

6. Design design design

Finally, as with most things, it's no good having great content if it looks terrible - you need to look professional. Your eNews should be consistent with your brand image to ensure that people recognize your business. Attitude Design can design a template for your eNews that will work with MailChimp. This template can then be used again and again for all issues of your eNews - we can even supply a range of templates targeted at different types of eCampaigns.

Our eNews templates start from £250 + VAT - please contact us for more details.


Nice article :) some really good tips here for businesses producing their own eNewsletters. Email marketing is such a useful tool. It's a unique channel which enables companies, organisations and individuals to reach their customers (As you say, to keep them up-to-date with your latest news and offers as well as encouraging them in to visit/re-visit your website or give you a call).
However, I think it’s important to remember that interacting with customers is key - being careful to not simply bombard them with one-way communication. Another important tool which works well in conjunction with Email Marketing is having an online social networking presence (E.g. Facebook Fan Page, Twitter Account...) as well as, of course, a fantastic web design!