5 Ways to Generate Interest in Your Business

Whether you're a new start up company, or one that's been established for years, it's always essential to keep the public - and in particular your target audience - interested in what you're doing. More publicity will generally lead to more sales. Here we look at 5 ways you can generate interest.

1. Blog

Set up a blog on your website and post regular articles. This has several benefits:

  1. It keeps your website up to date and dynamic - encouraging repeat visitors.
  2. It establishes your company as an authority on the subjects written about - good for PR.
  3. People can link into your posts which can help with SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Also most blogs come with RSS feeds - these can be used in many beneficial ways by you or your target audience. Click here to find out more ยป

2. Make use of email campaigns

There are 3 main types of email campaigns. If used effectively, these can create a powerful marketing strategy.

  1. Auto responders - these are emails sent out at specific stages from initial sign-up. E.g. 5 days after, 10 days after, 3 weeks after. This can reinforce your company's key messages in bite sized chunks after a person has signed up to receive emails from yourself for example.
  2. RSS - these are emails which contain content from an RSS feed. They can work as an automatic monthly update on your latest blog posts for example.
  3. Regular - a manual email sent out at particular times e.g. Christmas, Valentines Day etc. - ideal for advertising special offers.

Why not set up an account with Mailchimp where you can set these up yourself? If you need some templates designing or these setting up for you let us know...

3. Promotions

Everyone loves a bit of a 'good deal' and offering a special discount for a limited period of time will generate interest. Even if many people don't actually go for the special offer, it's an opportunity to show them what other goods/services you can offer. Why not get some advertising on some industry websites or run a pay per click campaign with Google? Whatever you do be sure to measure the impact of your advertising.

Create a page on your website all about your promotion and ensure you add key selling points, messages and prominent 'calls to action'.

4. Social Media

If you haven't got a company Facebook and Twitter page already then you should seriously consider setting one up. It's easy to do and even better it's a free way to market your company! With more than 75 million active users on Twitter and over 400 million active users on Facebook it's an area worth tapping into.

Why not go one step further? We can set up Facebook and Twitter pages for you which are branded consistently with your company logo and if your website supports it, we can set up an RSS feed from your website blog to your social media pages. This will mean that whenever you post a new blog on your website - your Facebook and Twitter pages will automatically update with it. Now there's a bit of a time saver for you!

5. Viral Video

A good way to create a personality around your brand and get people talking about your company is to create a viral video and upload it to YouTube. Generally speaking it should be a fun video which is not sales driven. A video with a really good concept will generate alot of viewers on YouTube and hence more public awareness of your company.

We hope these ideas have got you thinking. If you would like some assistance with your marketing strategy why not contact us today?


These are five great ways to get people interested in your website. I do believe that having a up to date blog that shares information that the reader wants is vital for keeping people returning to your website. The use of social media is also a great tool to keep people interested. Devoting time to these areas can really help a website gain more interest.

Great post Attitude, good to relay to clients!
Mandeep, yes you're right a up-to-date blog, but what (I find) makes it more important is that the blog posts contain the time they were posted, else the whole idea of it being up-to-date will only become apparent to regular visitors, my 2 cents anyway.

I think these 5 ways to generate interest in your business are so helpful, by running and up to date blog and utalising social networks to communicate with your audience and generate traffic to your website.

as for as email marketing, I would recommend Omnistar Mailer over Mailchimp because you can install it at your hosting company. I agree videos have really helped us to take our business to the next level.