Which city is the most creative? Nottingham?

The online design, marketing and PR portal, The Drum, has featured an article written by Attitude Design's very own Creative Director (Matt Davies).


The article is one of a series in which The Drum has asked leading creatives across the country the question: "How creative is the city you work in"?

As The Drum puts it: "As part of an ongoing poll on the UK’s creative hotspots, we asked one high profile creative figure from each of 10 major cities to argue the case for their city to be named the most creative."

Stepping up to the challenge Matt defends Nottingham as one of the UK's most creative cities - highlighting many of the activities and people in the understated Nottingham creative scene. Other creatives feature from Edinburgh, Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow, Bristol, Birmingham, Liverpool, Newcastle, Sheffield and Leicester.

View the full article here (you may need to sign-up to read it - this is free): http://www.thedrum.co.uk/indepth/1915-which-uk-city-is-the-most-creative-nottingham-