Steve Jobs on Paul Rands design process


In the video below, Steve Jobs (current CEO of Apple) talks about the designer who revamped the NeXt logo, Paul Rand. Its very interesting to hear what Steve Jobs has to say as he clearly see's design as a business solution not as a simply a creative expression.

Sometimes design companies can lose sight of the client and their needs in a desire to express their style upon the end materials. Paul Rand put the client first above all artistic expression. The result of the process is here:


Paul Rand (August 15, 1914 – November 26, 1996) was a American designer who created many clever designs for logo's and print. We have a lot of respect for his work and he is one of the most influential designers of modern times. Here are some examples of his work:


Paul Rand famously said this about logo's:

A logo is a flag, a signature, an escutcheon, a street sign.
A logo does not sell (directly), it identifies.
A logo is rarely a description of a business.
A logo derives meaning from the quality of the thing it symbolizes,
not the other way around. A logo is less important than the product it signifies; what it represents is more
important than what it looks like.
The subject matter of a logo can be almost anything.

We treat design here at Attitude Design in a similar way to how Steve Jobs portrays Paul Rand's process. To be artistic is fine in it's place, but design is about selling a service or a product. It has to portray key messages and depict the business behind the design, telling the audience what the company wants to say and not just what the design company want's to do. Design is a solution, not simply an artistic expression, although that may come into the solution. Our business is making our clients business. Sadly this is not the focus of all quarters of the design community.

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