Time Machine / Record Cover Designs

Nowadays, with the invention of mp3's, we sometimes forget the magic of having a visual to go with our music. The art of record cover designs has nearly vanished - and no other music packaging has really been such a canvas for creative art. From the 50's right through to the 70's, record album art was taken very seriously. For many many moons, the artwork which appeared on record sleeves was a form of commercial art and graphic design of the highest form.

Record cover designs defined the artist and had as much power to sell the record as the music itself. The designs were to reflect a mood, and a topic or an artist - they were an expression of the music held within. They define a period of graphic design which is well worth being inspired by. It gives us great pleasure to present some of the best record designs which have inspired us here at Attitude Design. Maybe you have a record cover which you love - why not leave a link to it in the comments at the end?

Record Cover Design 1




Great post Attitude with some classics on. Almost as nice covers as some of these...