Income Max - new brand identity and website

We have recently designed the new brand identity and website for Income Max, a new benefits entitlement service.


The benefits and tax credit system in the UK is complex and every year millions of pounds goes unclaimed by those who need it most. The system is so confusing that it is difficult to understand entitlement even if benefits or tax credits have been claimed. That's where income max come's in -delivering an effective way of addressing this problem by giving free, independent, confidential and expert benefit check, carried out over the telephone or via email by fully trained welfare benefits advisers.

The Project is a collaborative effort between Lee Healey, and as DABD (uk).

We have already worked with Lee Healey (who recently appear on the BBC's "Working Lunch" program alongside Sir Geoff Hurst) on his own brand identity and website (see it in action here: Lee is an expert in welfare benefits and was keen to ensure that the branding and the website made Income Max look friendly and approachable. DABD are a charity offering community support in various areas in the London area of Dagenham.

The brand identity design


It was soon established that a clean, friendly and professional design was required that instilled confidence in the service. A combination of two typefaces was used to achieve this, one to add the professional aspect, the other to add the friendly aspect. We also worked hard on color combination and a vibrant pink and solid brown were used to help achieve the two pronged strategy.

The website design

When it came to the website a very clean style was used with clear messages and calls to action. It was imperative that the site and it's message could be easily understood.


2The website was designed to ensure that the information the user required was delivered as quickly and effectively as possible. We worked with Income Max on the priorities they had for the site and the user groups. We then strategically laid out each page with calls to action and messaging placed in positions to maximize the effectiveness of the design.

To help with communicating the key messages we developed "Income Max" characters (shown below) based upon stock images (purchased from istockphoto - created by John Kounadeas). These characters are friendly and help to create the atmosphere required in our breif.


The website is a CMS using WordPress as it's main engine. This allows Income Max to post latest news articles and amend any content on the site themselves.

What do you think about the design? Feel free to leave a comment below...


Good work attitude another great job. I think the cool thing about this is the images dont look like stock ones which usually look really brand. Thats a testament to the clean graphics surrounding them. Good job.