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Yes indeed! We are now part of the biggest “micro-blogging” service on the planet! Twitter allows it’s users to “tweet” about what they are up to (tweet means you can write a post of up to 140 characters). The idea is to get small pieces of information to anybody who “follows” you. We want followers! Follow us now!


We hope to tweet about things that inspire us, industry news which come’s to our ears, and also all our latest news. We may also run some Twitter specific promotions so signing up to our Twitter account is essential if you are interested in our services or want to be inspired! Another good thing about our Twitter account is that our RSS feed will be automatically pulled into it so you will know as soon as one of our articles or tutorials come out via Twitter.

Visit our Twitter page:

Twitter and business

The good thing about Twitter from a business point of view is that it allows you to connect with an alternative audience. You can keep tabs on their thoughts and generate interest in your products, service or industry, by “tweeting” useful information to them in an environment they are comfortable in. How many people will visit your website every day? If they subscribe to your Twitter you can keep in touch with them every day in an engaging and modern way!

If you would like to talk about how we can help your business better connect with your target audience please feel free to contact us »

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One Response to “Attitude Design Joins Twitter”

  1. belle

    23rd April 2009

    I’m into twitter. I love twittering. Join me @medicalconnect. See you there!

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