Attitude Design Joins Facebook


Although we all use facebook individually we finally found 10 minutes to set up a Facebook page for Attitude Design. We've been meaning to do this for a while but we have been so busy!

Our new Facebook page will hold all our latest blog posts as well as any new information and promotions.

Become a fan today by visiting the Attitude Design Facebook page »

Facebook and RSS feeds

Facebook is a massively powerful social networking platform. From a business point of view it is really useful in keeping people up to date with your recent news and events. Our Facebook page features our latest blog posts from our Journal. These are updated automatically by Facebook from our RSS feed. RSS stands for: "Really Simple Syndication" - this sounds very geeky but all it means is that frequently published articles can be "fed" out of your website to anybody subscribing to your RSS feed. Facebook can be customised to do this, so when we add another post to our journal it will automatically appear on Facebook allowing us to reach a  wider audience at a place where they frequently visit.

If you would like more information about how we could create a website for you which would enable you to also do this, please contact us »