50 Inspirational Logo Designs

We always like to keep up with modern graphic design trends and the team here at Attitude Design are always 'scrap-booking' and 'bookmarking' designs they like. Recently we've noticed some brilliant logo designs which have inspired us no end. To show you what we like we've compiled our top 50, please also feel free to check out our logo designs featured in our graphic design portfolio. Enjoy!


Disclaimer: We are not attempting to take any credit for the above work - we have had nothing to do with any of them. If you have any questions regarding this please contact us.


seriously fantastic selection you have there, thanks for the insperation!!

So many great logos! I love the designs that are out there now. You can tell that there was a lot of creativity put into it.

Celebrating the world of logos, that's what I like to see. A lot of amusing ideas have emerged with this selection. I agree that they are very inspiring.

am just astudent in kuwait university studing graphic design now am in 4th year and am taking graphic 2 class and really loved ur work ,, it really amazing to see a very creative design i really enjoy scrolling this site :D thanx

Wonderful selection of logos. They're all great but I especially enjoyed the Wiesinger Music one. So simple, yet effective and very descriptive of the company at the same time.

wow to dope,im a studendent at a.a.a and im currently doing my second,its incredible stuff,absolutely inspiring,too nys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Simple and clear, i like it. help me a lot.

A really grate collection of logos. I particularly like the way the stones were used in the Avocado Man logo. Grate work!

This is a great collection! I especially love the logo for "keepopen.com", it's very simple and geometric, using the white space really well - very effective!

Probaly the best logos around here! A+! Thanks for inspiration! And FireFish is so good!

superb creations.

Thank you for posting some of my logos (Mobat, Sushi, Blake Makes). Very interesting selection!

These are brilliant! I wish I can think of something creative for my site :p

Why are all of them in one image? I'd really like to be able to save individual logos from this page for future reference. These are really cool.


Great logos really inspirational.


Great reference resource of quality work, thanks!

I just love your play on words which when combined with images or shapes encourage the eye and the mind to complete the "picture" and fill in the concepts that are "felt" but not actually written or seen!

Now you can truly say that "an effective logo design is worth a thousand words"! : )

Good collection. I am shocked that I didn't come across many of these truly inspiring logos before.
Thanks for sharing this amazing collection.

Stunning logos. Nice collections. Thanks for compiling it.

Wow what a wonderful collection of logo designs really inspiring me ,Thanks for sharing your great effort here with us good job keep it up.

Some really mind blowing logo designs ,I really impressed by your creative mind to make these awesome logo designs .

Gradients are really hard to pull off. They might be the most misused element in design.
A lot of these logos are great on first glance, but I feel like those are the ones that are being super trendy and thus won’t outlast that trend the way good logos should…

Really an creative logo i am impressed by this.I would like to recommended to my friends.

Nice collection of logos, mostly clean and minimal, which is best for being recognisable. Tnx for sharing!

Such a wonderful collection of logo designs there are really very inspiring and motivating concepts.I appreciate your great effort for making these awesome logo designs ...

Good post. Logo designers around the world will find it very useful! Thanks.

These are great logo designs,Thanks for sharing the great collection.

Wow amazing!Excellent piece of work really very inspiring and motivating logo designs you have there superb.

Such a wonderful collection of logo designs very inspiring and attractive..Thank you so much for sharing this great list together ...