10 Design & Marketing Ideas for Your Business

createStuck trying to think of new ideas for marketing your business over the next few months? Why not read through the ideas below and let us know if we can help you with any future projects. Feel free to add any you can think of via the comment field at the end...

1 // Produce a focused mini-website

Create a "mini site" for a special product or service your business is offering. This mini site should be focused - and where possible "fun". Maybe use a flash animation or game to gather some interest and communicate in simple terms what the product is about. The benefits of a dedicated website for a specific product is that visitors get a target message. Be sure to link back to your main corporate website for users who wish to see more of your products. For examples of some mini-sites we have done see:  iWeekend  » Bonded Broadband »

2 // Produce an effective brochure

For many years businesses have been producing take away brochures for potential clients. Such a brochure should say all the right things about your business. It should look professional and be printed on good paper stock. It should be something your sales team is proud to leave behind and allow clients to flick through. It should be a "gift" to potential clients. You could also have it produced as a PDF for the web and allow visitors to your website to download it.

3 // Send out email newsletters

Add functionality to your website to allow users to add their email address to your mailing list. If this is set up to add the email addresses to a database you could also set up a admin area to enable you to send out emails to all the users who have signed up automatically. To take it a stage further get the emails to be designed specifically for your business in your brand style - this will ensure brand recognition. Be sure to allow users to unsubscribe if they do not want to receive further emails.

4 // Join in with Social Media

If your business is not connecting with people on Twitter or Facebook then they are missing out on a trick. Connecting on these platforms is useful because they are visited on a daily basis by users who might not visit your site at the same routine - thus you are getting more opportunities in reminding your client base about your business. If you have a blog why not set it up so that when you post a new article it automatically posts it on Twitter and Facebook - this will save your team time as they then won't have to update each platform.

5 // Fresh logo design

A business needs to be recognizable. reconization Building a brand image is everything and allowing your clients and potential clients to recognize your business is essential for repeat and business. Acquiring a reputation is essential. Does your logo do this? Is it being used consistently? Does it need a refresh? A logo should be the emblem, the banner, that everything else sits behind. If you have products they also might benefit from having a logo design which sits underneath your main brand identity. This will bring them specific - this is especially useful if your products span different industries and target audiences as you can tailor the look and feel for each respectively.

6 // Bespoke christmas cards

With that time nearly upon us again it may be an idea to think about your company christmas cards. Why not commission a design agency to produce a Christmas card that says all the right things in an effective way. A bespoke Christmas card that stands out may ensure that customers see your business in anew light. How about taking your christmas card and making it more effective by running a promotion with it - something like: "To say thanks for working with us this year we offer 10% off of your next order"

7 // Consistent stationery design

Ensuring all of your stationery is consistent is good for recognition. For large businesses this can act as an extension of campaigns that are running and for small businesses it can acts as a campaign in its own right. Do your business cards and letter heads look like the come from the same company?

8 // Advertise effectively

Many small businesses don't advertise because they don't make the budget to do so. When they try it they only do it half heartedly and are not focused or targeted and when it doesn't work they are normally put off by the whole idea. Try thinking about industries which use your services or products and advertise in their industry news magazines - or find out what your customers are reading and place adverts in those magazines. Ensure the advert is well designed with a clear message and call to action so that you can measure how well a campaign is doing.

9 // Let your vehicle signage work for you

Ensure your vehicle signage is effective. Your lorries and delivery vans should at least have your logo on them. You could look at making them effective adverts by adding well designed images and messages to them. A clear simple message that can be taken in in 3 seconds is ideal. Be sure to have an easy to remember call to action - a simple phone number or web address so that people who see them can write it down or memorize it quickly.

10 // Provide an incentive for people to refer you

Set up a referral marketing campaign. Offer a percentage of the first sale to anybody who recommends your business to someone. This inspires them to work as your agents without you having to do any further work! Advertise this within your brochures or on your website. Maybe even produce a leaflet for your sales team to give away on visits to potential clients.


You guys are pretty spot on about creating a strong brand, it is essential in this age of increased global competition- and I strongly believe a strong brand identity will allow for your business to stand out amongst the crowd.

Its a calling card that earns you instant respect but it's up to your business to maintain that respect once those customers convert into paying customers.

as for the above I would add networking into the mix, especially if your business involves B2B sales. Getting involved in your relevant industry events is a brilliant way to allow for you to network and connect with potential future clients.

Abdi Gulaid

what great marketing ideas! i especially liked the "create" logo at the top. inspiring!