Time Machine / WW2 Graphic Design

Ladies and Gents, hello and welcome to the Time Machine where we take a look at some examples of graphic design from other eras to help inspire and influence us. Today it's the WW2 years and we are focusing on British design for that era.

Obviously these were difficult years but they called for strong messages to be communicated. The simplicity and cleverness with which many of the below designs have been executed can only be marveled at. Many elements of the design were originally hand drawn and in regard to style we can see influences from modern art being made into expressive visual statements. Notice how the messages are clear and concise – something that’s worth bearing in mind in all marketing communications. Enjoy...

WW2 Design Examples 1

WW2 Design Examples 2

WW2 Design Examples 3

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Disclaimer: We are not attempting to take any credit for the above work – we have had nothing to do with any of the designs shown. If you have any questions regarding this please contact us.


Interesting post and examples illustrating some usability principles. I have found it is often harder to make thing simple.. it usually takes a few minutes more thought and reviews to make sure the message is clear and simple which is why often it is not done.. It can be quite subtle but v.important!

I have a group project in my history of graphic design class to put together a show on flicker. Our topic is propaganda in graphic design. Is there a place where I can find specific info on the excellent examples above? I need artists names, dates, and the purpose of the poster.

Hi Marilyn, many thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, the selection in this article was collated from various websites - rather than one specific place. Sorry we can't be of more help. We wish you all the best with your project!