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Special Thanks

Joe Dizon "The Model".Holmar Filipsson of 'The Spenser Filipsson Experience' for allowing us to use the superb "Happy (Love Is Everywhere)" music track.Anders Analogue for the 'drum n base' music track.Copyright for help sourcing equipment and for technical support. 


Like the idea of a showreel. Think the concept for the piece is ok. But as a client i wouldnt want to watch the whole thing as the music is probably inappropriate for the material your trying to show.

Much as i love DnB, it just did'nt add anything to the film, and made me almost stop the reel half way through. Too in your face.

That said the Spenser Filipsson track is awesome and i will now go and download some.

Still good work, the film itself was good and after all its about taste and we are all different.