Recent Graphic Design Work Completed

It has been a busy few weeks since we last updated the site and a few notable projects have been completed - these are outlined below:


We have recently completed the design of the Autumn newsletter for emda (East Midlands Development Agency). We worked closely with Nellie PR who managed the project and supplied all of the copy. The design is in keeping with emda's existing style - clean, easy to read and modern.


Better Languages

Better Languages Logo
Better Languages are a language translation and interpreting company, specializing in label and packaging translation. We have been commissioned with the design and implementation of their current website's (x5 in total) with further sites to follow. This project is presenting unique challenges to the team who have to work alongside translators to ensure the copy (which is in several different languages) is eligible. The main English corporate website has just been completed with full CMS functionality being provided by integrating the design into WordPress. We have also redeveloped the companies brand image with a new logo design and stationery. The design has been developed to look highly professional, friendly, multicultural and to work well with search engines. Better Languages have also commissioned us to develop an extra-net for them.

Better Languages Website

Trevor Harrington

Trevor Harrington Logo

Trevor Harrington is a Financial Adviser and business consultant. He approached us with a requirement to develop his brand image. A unique, slick and professional style was produced, along with a brand identity and literature. We based the imagery and messaging around the concept of a jigsaw puzzle, with the consultancy service that Trevor provided being the "missing piece". When the "missing piece" is implemented by a company they become "complete" like a puzzle. The graphic style has been designed to give off an approachable and knowledgeable persona. Attitude Design also helped Trevor with the copy writing and tone of voice which is contained within his collateral.

Trevor Harrington Brochure


AOGsmart is a company specializing in online software for the aviation industry. We were commissioned to design the main "umbrella" brand of the company. The final design was simple, easily recognizable and free from clutter, giving a confident and modern vibe. This can be seen here:
AOG logo
As the project progressed we were also heavily involved in how the products which sit under the umbrella brand were presented. This led to further "mini brands" being produced in an iconic form:

AOG minibrands

AOGsmart also commissioned us to produce a website for them. Again the design was to be confident and professional. Some sections of the site require passwords and a whole administration system was developed by Attitude Design to ensure that only users who had been moderated and had the correct access could see certain areas.

AOG web

We also developed two animations which demonstrated certain areas of their products. These are hidden away from the public view but here are a few screen shots and a storyboard which displays the quality of illustration that was used:

AOG animations

GeoCerts SSL

GeoCerts are an American based company who sell certificate which confirm a server is secure for online trading. They required promotional and advertising material for a new product, a new type of certificate which could certify multiple domains. We developed the concept around a "new breed" idea, using grabbing imagery of cats eyes and photo manipulating them to be a vivid green. This concept was then placed within the current GeoCerts corporate design style.

Managed Communications Mini Site

Work has been completed on a mini site for Managed Communications. The new Bonded Broadband mini site was developed by Attitude Design as part of Managed Communications ongoing search engine optimization strategy. The design is simple, proposition driven and has one clear aim, to capture a viewers details by aksing them to fill out an inquiry form.

Bonded Broadband Mini Site


We hope the above project demonstrate the quality fo work Attitude Design produce. If you would like to talk to us about a project, please feel free to contact us, or browse more of our work on our online portfolio. Also if you have any thoughts or questions on any of the above projects, please leave a comment below...


I really enjoy the gocerts design. Brilliant strong creative with the cats eyes.