Matt Davies Works With Porter Novelli

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Last week was very busy for us here at Attitude Design.

Creative Director Matt Davies was called down to London to work with Porter Novelli, the global PR agency. The agency had a project for a very large global client. The project deadlines were very tight and they needed a designer to come in an work under award winning Creative Director Chris Bailey and help their in house designer Roger Chasteauneuf.

The tight deadlines meant the team were working until about midnight for three days on the trot. "It was challenging" said Matt, "but the people at Porter Novelli are world class and we all pulled together to meet the deadline". Matt seemed to enjoy the fast pace; "It really was life in the fast lane but everyone was very positive and that really helps in those type of situations - having to think creatively on the spur of the moment was a challenge but very rewarding when the results are so effective".

Matt got the call from Roger Chasteauneuf, a long time friend and inspirer of many of Matt's Journal articles (such as "Where are all the female designers!" and "Is quark dead"). "Working with Roger is always a pleasure" says Matt, "it's rare you find someone who you can work with under pressure and have a great time doing so. Roger is the type of person that can really make a difference in those situations because he is so positive - and at 11:00PM at night that's worth alot! Roger and I really worked well together especially on the creative side of things - we would often both bounce ideas off of each other and develop up solid concepts which would normally have taken a while to think of - two heads are better than one, especially if one of them is Rogers'!".

Roger also gave Matt some credit; "I've known Matt for many years. He's one of the most enthusiastic and energetic designers I've ever met and believe me, energy is important in a pitch of this size when it's 12 at night, the pizza is all finished and you still can't quite crack the concept. Joining a new team is always difficult so we needed someone who could hit the ground sprinting, communicate openly with the teams in brainstorms, and really inject their own energy into the pitch. So when it came to calling in some support, Matt was always going to be my first choice. Matt's conceptually creative and so open minded, but he's also technically very good and able to work at speed - which was important given our deadlines. Conditions were, at times, very stressful, but we couldn't have done it without him. At the toughest moments he always came through for us and kept everyone's morale high."

Another person Matt enjoyed working with was Porter Novelli's Creative Director Chris Bailey. "Chris was amazing, he just oozed creativity" says Matt. "I learned so much from him, even though we only worked together for three days. His ideas were so well thought through and he was always so positive, upbeat and creatively brilliant."

The 3 days work has made a lasting impression on Matt. "Porter Novelli's company culture was very impressive. The team work and their staff's attitude was fantastic, just a great set of professionals."


Having worked at Porter Novelli I can testify that Roger Chasteauneuf is an absolute powerhouse of a designer, and Chris Bailey, similarly, totally rocks as a creative designer. As you say, world-class. They are two PN people I will sorely miss.