Design work completed for Managed Comms

We have recently completed a website design project for Managed Communications, the fastest growing UK business in 2007. Managed Comms supply Networking solutions to large and medium sized businesses. Our brief was to take the existing website design and structure and work on the messaging, tone of voice and calls to action to maximize the amount of enquires the client receives from it. The over-all structure was not to change as the website was performing very well in search engines.

The design was not to move too far away their current style, although they recognized they needed to modernize it and build on the messages which were working for them. The main idea was to produce a robust, strong, confident, professional image which we did by using rigid shapes, icons and bold colors.

The design was integrated into a CMS back-end administration system by Silktide Studios, who have worked with Managed Comms historically and whose system the Managed Comms team were used to using. We worked closely with Silktide to ensure a seamless integration of our design, into their system took place.

The results are below - feel free to comment!
Managed Comms new design
Managed Comms new design 2
Managed Comms new design 3
Managed Comms new design 4

What our client thinks of the new design

"The launch of the new design has been a great success, we have seen an increase in inquires and are convinced that the design which Attitude produced has helped us to reach new areas of the market... Our number one concern was that any new design would impact in a bad way with our search engine optimization, Attitude Design understood this and the new design has had no negative effect on our Google positioning. We liked the message driven approach which Attitude suggested, as well as the work they completed on our calls to action - highly important areas of the site which Attitude have got spot on! We enjoyed working with a team who value design and functionality and who offered a professional and friendly service. We look forward to working with them in the future..."
Nathan Hill-Haimes | Managing Director