We Design ClickBook.net's Home Page

Attitude Design Ltd were commissioned by ClickBook.net to re-evaluate the calls to action on their homepage.

ClickBook is a piece of open source appointment scheduling software, mainly used by hairdressers, photographers, therapists and restaurants. They are based in Australia but their software is used globally.

Matt Davies, the Attitude Design Creative Director, talks us through the process: "When we first looked at their existing homepage we spotted immediately that there was no clear message. Users like to know what they are looking at and to get them to do something you also need to tell them why they need to do it. Our solution was to balance aesthetics with messages so that the viewer gets a clear idea of what ClickBook offers, why it's so great and then clear calls to action."

The result was a 'make-over' of the top banner of the site. Three '3D panels' were adopted for visual interest - the logo, (which enforced the branding), a screen shot (explaining visually that this was a piece of software) and a shot of a hairdresser (to relate with the target audience). A main message area was used to convey, in one sentence, what ClickBook was and then a bullet pointed area was used under that to give all the key USP's and who used it. Lastly 2 calls to action were required which were designed to be large and easy to see. This solution addressed all the clients requirements, utilizing the space for maximum efficiency.


ClickBook design before




We love your work Attitude! Very friendly service to boot. Looking forward to working with you again.