Busy Busy Busy! Our latest design work...

Well it's been a busy quarter and we've been busy busy busy here at Attitude Design. We are hoping that working hard just before xmas makes us feel that much better for the holiday! Here is the latest work from the studio:

Hallam Communication / Website Design

Hallam Communication / Website Design 1

Ask anyone who is anyone in web design who the number one internet marketing consultant in the East Midlands is and you can bet your bottom dollar the name "Susan Hallam" will be spoken! Susan Hallam is the Managing Director and personality behind "Hallam Communications" and is well known for her public speaking, charismatic personality and high profile clients. We are proud to announce that Hallam Communications awarded the re-design of their site to Attitude Design.The site needed to be Search Engine Friendly (obviously!), easy to update (add and edit pages) and modernize and improve Hallam's corporate style. We produced the design from start to finish, starting with flat "uncoded" designs and then coding them into accessible and validating HTML and CSS. We then integrated the design into WordPress to deliver a cost effective and cutting edge website.
Hallam Communication / Website Design 2

The design also marked a change in branding. Matt Davies, Creative Director here at Attitude Design worked closely with Susan Hallam to create the new design and ensure it said all the right things about Hallam Communications. Whilst in the early stages of discussion with Susan Hallam, it was obvious that a shift in strategy could be advantageous. Previously Hallam Communications has been "faceless" - with Susan taking a backseat and hiding behind the "Hallam brand". However it was clear that Susan very much was the "Hallam" brand and so we enticed her to come out from behind the shadow of "Hallam Communications" and really become an upfront feature of the marketing and messages. The front page now uses her photograph with a quote. We believe this shift comes at the right time as Susan is now very well known as an expert in her field and this strategy capitalizes on this fact.

Matt Bettision Garden Design / Logo and brand identity

Matt Bettision Garden Design / Logo and brand identity

Logo Design for Garden Designer Matt Bettision. Matt needed a brand which reflected the quality of his work and stood out from the competition. This magical logo was contrived from hand drawn sketches which were re-drawn using a computer. The effect is a very unique, modern and funky logo.

Jenny Clarke / Website Design

Website for internationally renowned Tattooist company Jenny Clarke Design. Jenny Clarke is constantly being featured in tattoo magazines for her brilliant flash tattoo designs. The website was to be produced to reflect those designs as well as being easy to navigate and purchase from.

Jenny Clarke / Website Design
Attitude Design handled all of the graphic design of the project, working closely with Jenny and using her artwork to create a unique design. The e-commerce and content management functionality is being produced by e-Venture.

Calm and Collected / Logo, Brand Identity and Label Design

Calm and Collected / Logo, Brand Identity and Label Design 1
Calm and collected is a sister company to Millwhites Cider, based in Summerset UK. They came to Attitude Design with only the notion of wanting to create a brand for 4 flavors of pure fruit juices. There was no name or brand style in place. The design though was to appeal to middle to upper class mothers (decision makers) and their children (influencers) and was to reflect quality and sophistication.After a lot of brain storming we came up with the brand name "Calm and Collected". This comes from the idea of the fruit being "calm" for children because there is only natural ingredients used, and also "collected" because of how the fruit is picked. Within this umbrella brand we also produced names for each flavour, deliberately creating a positive and unique character for each - instead of just "berry flavour" for example, we developed "brilliant berry" and other names such as "excellent exotic", "super citrus", and "amazing apple".Calm and Collected / Logo, Brand Identity and Label Design 2
The design of the brand and labels is simple, modern and has its own personality. Each flavour has a slightly different "mark" and colour to differentiate them from each other - although they all have the same basic design to show they belong to the same brand family.It is hoped that Waitrose will soon be using these in their stores.

Christmas Cider / Label Design

An xmas cider label was created for the Summerset cider makers of April Cottage. A simple and traditional label design which does exactly what it says on the bottle!
Christmas Cider / Label Design 1

Simply Bee / Logo and Packaging Design

Simply Bee / Logo and Packaging Design

A logo design for organic soap makers in Wales who use natural ingredients including bee's wax from their hives. Again we came up with the brand name "Simply Bee" to reflect the simplicity of the organic ingredients and the aspect of the Bee's wax. A simple but elegant logo design was also produced to give an effective brand identity.

Pryor Jordan Solicitors / Logo Design, Brand Identity, Website, Leaflet Design

Pryor Jordan Solicitors / Logo Design, Brand Identity, Website, Leaflet Design 1

Family Law Solicitors Pryor Jordan came to Attitude Design seeking a logo design, brand development and marketing materials.

Pryor Jordan Solicitors / Logo Design, Brand Identity, Website, Leaflet Design 2

Many materials were produced which followed a consistent design style. These included: Logo design, A5 leaflets, stationery design and website design.

Marilyn Robertson / Website Design

Marilyn Robertson / Website Design
Internationally recognized artist Marilyn Robertson approached Attitude Design to design and develop her official website. Marilyn has had her beautiful work used by companies like John Lewis and Paul Smith. We worked closely with Marilyn and her team to create a design which reflected her existing brand styling and ensure that her work was presented in a non-cluttered and clean way.

Marilyn Robertson / Website Design 2

The new website is fully Content Managed and soon a members area and e-commerce shop will be integrated. The current site contains a gallery and blog which Marilyn and her team can update and manage at their pleasure.


Hi Attitude, congratulations on another batch of great design work. I think this is some of your most accomplished yet, certainly with the identity projects. I specifically like the calm and collected and pryor jordan logos. Have such a elegance and simplicity about them. The Calm and Collected is really original which must have been so difficult in an increasingly crowded and current market.