Version 4 / Official Launch

Attitude Design v4

Welcome to the official launch of Attitude Design v4.

Attitude Design was set up in 2001 with a core set of values:

  • Always try to push the boundaries of design and technology.
  • Always listen and try to understand clients.
  • Always do everything that is possible to help a client achieve their goals.
  • To always design with a clear purpose.
  • Keep up to date with current trends and styles.
  • Keep within my personal belief of the Bible.

If I achieved all of this I felt I would have a good design 'attitude' hence the brand name, "Attitude Design". The brand continues to this day to attempt to uphold these values.

Since 2001 Attitude Design has developed somewhat. Most recently the site has been given a face-lift, the portfolio section has been updated, and there are new wallpapers to download. I thought that this new launch would be a good opportunity to briefly review the previous versions of this site and to explain why and how Attitude Design has grown into what it is today.

We will start with the current version and then go back into the depths of time...

version 4 of Attitude Design

Version 4 // Its All In The Concept

As a designer who is currently employed and therefore not freelancing, the new design does not have to appeal to any potential clients. This was also the case with version 3. However as a design journal and an online portfolio, this website continues to maintain the attitude design brand.

This version has a simple and direct concept attached to it which is communicated through the header bar and also, I hope, through the content of the portfolio and journal. "Its all in the concept" is a message I feel deeply about. This view has been expressed in a few recent posts:

As time continues and more and more people become web savvy I think its those of us who can maintain good creative thought processes who will stand out. Joe public are becoming more computer savvy and also more web savvy. Now anybody can set up a site and add some pictures to it. Anybody can layout a brochure if they have the desire to do so. The thing that not everybody can do is use-marketing techniques to communicate key messages. The concept is what makes you a winner and this is what this version tries to communicate.

The reason for the redesign was a desire to move the brand on. I feel version 3 seemingly tried to hard to make an impact. This style communicates a more mature, slicker and intelligent design, which I feel, shows more appropriately where Attitude design is today.

version 3 of Attitude Design

Version 3 // A Whole New Way Of Thinking

In this version Attitude Design really came to life. Being fully employed and contractually and morally bound to an employer meant that Attitude Design was not here to make money. It was kept on because of a desire to help and encourage young designers, especially designers who, like me, had a background in print and were looking to start designing for the web. This is the whole new way of thinking which influenced the concept of this version.

The bright illustrations, which accompanied this design, were developed to show that web design can look good as well as being "accessible" and be coded in html. Security cameras were used to communicate the "watch dog" side of the journal and the organic growth was used to show development. This design was kindly recognised by both Smashing Magazine and Silent Bits as being a top design of 2006.

version 2 of Attitude Design

Version 2 // Beauty Is Only Skin Deep But Attitude Is In The Bones

Version 2 was a first attempt at HTML and CSS. It was also the first time I had played with word press so technically I was in new waters. The concept behind it was to build on the brand. Attitude is in the bones was a nice play on the word attitude. I was, of course, attempting to put it in a positive light and spin off from the negative uses the word has associated with it.

The style was heavily influenced by the Victorian era. I could see that in terms of design trends we were making our way back in time. Back then the 50's style was all the rage and so I was slightly ahead of the game in my Victorian influences. The general concept behind this was that the old Victorian buildings had a lot of character. They had a lot of “attitudeâ€. Personally I feel that things that have stood the test of time have done so for a reason and Victorian elaborateness has done so because of its beauty. This went well with the overall concept.

Underneath these key messages was the desire to win work and employment by building a memorable brand. This version accomplished this goal.

version 1 of Attitude Design

Version 1 // Don't Touch Me

At the time I only knew flash. I had very little idea about html or css and so I opted to design the site using flash. It was a fun project and the basic idea was to communicate a 'good attitude' and the key values mentioned in the introduction.

All of the animation, sound and effects were painstakingly produced. Vector Images were produced from wide angle lens photography which gave a funky feel. 70's style graphic elements were also produced to help with the down to earth and friendly persona.


In conclusion all I will say is that I hope to keep going. Commenting on design trends, producing tutorials, and sharing what I know. Who knows what's going to happen!


Intriguing design, Matt. It took me a minute to discover the various Concepts images, but once I did I was delighted. I think that it's important to let your users discover for themselves the depth of the content.

But more importantly, I agree that "web design is easy to do, easy to do badly." Concepts, communication, vision, goals; it all has to be conveyed by the design. Your new site serves both to remind and demonstrate.

Now, about your choices for your Concepts...

You could open an interesting debate for future candidates.

My choice: Benjamin Franklin - Versatility

Great site!

Great Matt... Good job!!!
See yah!

Hiya Matt

Excellent redesign, I love the way that your designs are not so much "designed" as "thought up". The progress from v1 to v4 shows your expanding skills as a designer, and the fact that you do not have to cater to potential clients make your designs far more interesting.

Good redesign and great article. Keep it up please :)