The Test Of Testimonials

So how many testimonials do you have from clients about your business? How many? Well that’s not enough!

You can never have enough testimonials. Why? Because testimonials are extremely powerful. They communicate the qualities and experiences of your service and products far better than any marketing materials or sales speeches. Testimonials are an easy, cheap and effective way of enhancing peoples perception of your business.

This short article will hopefully give you some tips about how to maximise their potential. Its not rocket science but it's well worth considering...

How To Get Testimonials

There are many ways in which you can get testimonials. However it is important that you and your staff have a strategy in place. Maybe you could brief your sales team on making after sales contact. You could even prepare a form to send out with deliveries. It could even be a case of contacting valued clients and asking them to drop you an email. If you don't find clients forthcoming in this regard, why not give them an incentive - a price reduction or special deal in exchange for a positive testimonial. Your strategy will depend on the relationship you have with your clients.

Make sure however that you get permission to add your clients name and website to the testimonial. If you don't include a name people will find it difficult to believe it's true.

Also make sure your testimonies are up-to-date. There’s no point in showing somebody a testimonial and then they ask you when it was written. If you answer "1992" then you will be in big trouble as it will look like you've had no positive feedback since then! Keep them fresh and keep them powerful.

Maximise Your Testimonial Power

Ok, so you've got a load of testimonials, now what? Well people need to know about them. Stick them on everything from brochures to packaging to emails.

One very good way of maximising the exposure of your testimonials is to consistently update your website with them. Add a "testimonials" section to your site and keep all your recent ones there. Also add a link to the clients website (ask permission first) as this will further increase the testimonials credibility. By having an up-to-date list of testimonials potential clients can see your recent success in pleasing clients.

Also remember that testimonials are not necessarily simply used to attempt to gain new business. You can also use them to retain customers. Lets say you have had a problem with a new client. Use testimonials to show the upset is just a one-off - offer them a discount on their next order and see if you can retain their custom. Testimonials have many uses so keep them to hand.


So what are you waiting for, go and get some testimonials today! If you have had any good experiences using testimonials please share them by using the comment form below. What are your views on testimonials; do they help you when making decisions? Comments are most welcome...


I find it hard to get them... Plus: here in Austria it isn't that common to use testimonials as a marketing tool - of course the more 'america-oriented' companies try :-) Your article put me back in line: I just wrote another 'todo' on my list. Thanx.

Sorry, I meant 'anglophone' (or something like that)