The Rise Of The Design Concept

What is your favorite site of 2007 so far? Below are a few sites that have stood out from the crowd. I don't like to limit myself to simply being inspired by standards compliant sites - although I am for standards I feel a good website is always based on a brilliant concept. This is what I see in the sites below. These sites fuse together a solid concept with technology and design style. I hope they will illustrate the point that without a concept, a design is weak.

The first in the list is well worth a visit...

I Want To See A Ghost

You have to visit this super site to get an idea for what its all about. Be patient and watch how the concept is inter-weaved throughout many different technologies to bring out a fantastic and memorable experience. The first of its kind, this site has to be one of the best I've seen in ages - original and daring. One for the bookmarks...


Rexona - Action City

This is a treat. The experience of this 3D flash site really impresses on the mind the brand culture behind this product. Very well art directed and a great use of technology this site points the way in what can be done with flash...


Have A Mint

Mints are instantly recognized as having a fresh taste. We use them to freshen our breath and this website used this idea to push a product which "freshens up" websites. The whole design oozes "freshness" in a standards compliant, modern environment


Red Tower Studios

Although not instantly recognizable, the concept of this site stayed in my mind for a while. The phrase "start something new" and the accompanying photograph all covey a positive message in only two design elements. A simple but effective concept.

Red Tower


Instilling in the mind a positive connection between memorable moments and a product. A great example of a product being made more of what it actually is.


PJotro vs DJ effex

Again a product becoming more than it is really is. Basically the message is that the new Nokia phone is "music itself". A little extreme but an interesting concept, in that 2 notable music makers who literally are "music" in their own right show their skills. Its in an underground setting appealing to a young generation. Very cool.


So, dear reader, do you have any examples of great design concepts being put into practice? What are your views on the above sites? Comments welcome...


Could you write a little more about why you think the first example is so good?

Thanks in advance, David

The Nokia website rocks! It really feels like they spent a lot of time and effort on the battle which works really well. All power to Flash 8...

David, I simply think that the way in which the movie finishes and the “blog†becomes “possessedâ€. I think it is original and extremely atmospheric – As I said above , you need to experience it for yourself – what's your take on it?

Wow just took a second look at the first example. I personally havent seen another site like that anywhere.

Nice list, Matt. My favourite site in a while has to be:

So simple, and so effective. A Great grid layout.

Andrew, I think the style of that site is notable but this post is about "the concept" - do you think theres much of an underlying concept in that website. It looks to me like its just a great peice of inteface and userbility design - however its lacking in a conceptual idea. To me it doesn't communicate on that deeper level - although I have to admit, its extreamly well constructed...