Keeping up the Momento - Marketing Technique

"What?" you say, "Momentum"? Yep, momentum. When somebody launches a new product or company the key to its success is normally momentum - momentum from the individuals around the idea, memento from the people who buy into it.

Marketing Momentum

What on earth am I talking about? A new trendy restaurant has opened quite recently near to where I work in the Lace Market, Nottingham. Nothing new about that, except this one jogged a few reminders in my brain and caused me to write down these few lines. When the restaurant first opened it had had some very cool renovation work on it – really cool lighting (notably modern rose coloured lanterns which hang from the ceiling), new interior, new signage etc. Its opening received good reviews and judging by the many people I see each day eating there, it seems to be doing well. As the weeks passed the memory of what was previously in its place soon faded and my eye soon became familiar with the change. However (and this is this the point), just this week, four weeks after its launch, a new introduction has caught my eye, an introduction which cannot be missed by any passer by. Suddenly extremely large vases with extremely large plant life have appeared in the restaurants windows. "Ok", you say, "so what"? Well it occurred to me that these extreme plant organisms had reignited my interest in this new restaurant. I had almost forgotten it was there but now I am drawn to these really bizarre, but cool looking features.

Now the point of this simple analogy leads me on to explain what I call "marketing momentum". For whatever reason when this restaurant first opened somebody hadn't put everything into its launch. It launched successfully and then they added some more features to it and this brings a second bout of interest - momentum. I think this is a good thing to bear in mind if you are about to launch a new product, service or business. It may be an idea to not put all your resources into your launch - have a few cards up your sleeve to ensure that you can reignite peoples interest and jog their memories later on down the line.

The Benefits

This has obvious benefits. If you have a product and get the press involved in its launch chances are that if you then, a few months down the line, add more features to it, the press will be happy to report this also. This means you get double publicity. If you keep adding to your product, change its design or adapt it in some positive way then this will keep up your potential customers interest and which will hopefully convert them into real customers.

Another benefit is the memento of your staff or yourself. It keeps you focused on your selling points and helps to motivate you in researching and adding new things for your clients. Taking on your staffs suggestions after a launch, can only help bring a good working relationship, encourage them, and assist in your marketing momentum.

To customers it makes them look at your brand as a developing and up-and coming company. A company who adapts and improves itself. If you keep improving things then people who are interested in your services will keep checking back to see what's new. All this contributes to momentum which keeps your brand in peoples heads.

Word of Warning

I would just like to add here I am not suggesting you add things just for the fun of it - if they are perceived by your audience to be negative then this could back fire. What I am suggesting is to subtly add to what you have and to make sure anything you do like this is a positive thing. What ever happens do not take away the core purpose of your product or service, do not attempt to change something beyond its first impression. We are talking about evolution not revolution.

What do you think about "momentum marketing" dear reader? Have you had experience of this technique and do you think it works? Comments most welcome...


A good reason for clients to keep their sites updated monthly, with something fresh.
We've got clients who have time monthly alloted for updating their websites, but don't even bother.

I think it's a great article bro. Nice work. Maybe in addition to Ty's comment, it's important to not only add "more of the same thing", but more diversity as well.

In the world of blogging, a blogger keeps my interest not only by consistently writing posts, but writing new and different posts or by offering a new section on their website...etc.

Many companies do this including Apple and BMW are the first that come to mind. BMW actually launches a new version of a car once a year.