Is Quark Finally Dead?

quark dead

I have been championing InDesign, the Adobe desktop publishing software for a while now. Heres a few reasons why:

  • Its easy to use - with a great help section just in case
  • Its hotkeys and interface are familiar as they are almost the same as Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop
  • Its really easy to export PDF's from it
  • You can drag and drop items from Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop
  • It previews colours and images extremely well
  • It gives you superb control over effects and transparency
  • Its bundled with the Adobe creative suite and therefore very cost effective

In my view Quark, the traditionalists desk top publishing software, falls flat on its face when confronted with the above. There are many things which Quark just hasn't been able to keep up with - simple things like an "eye dropper" tool seems to be lacking.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not slating it for the sake of it. I do respect Quark and I use it all the time, o a day to day basis with my full time employer - I just find it lacking compared to InDesign.

Whilst browsing the web one day I came across a site called Quark Vs InDesign. This site deal with all the issues I've raised above and is reporting that Quark is at an all time low.

Whilst speaking to a friend who works as a designer for a London based PR agency - he is also in contact with a lot of freelancers which he outsources to - he was supprised to hear I still use Quark in my day job, claiming that most agencies and designers in London have made the switch.

Adobe does seem to be very switched on in regards to InDesign giving loads of reasons to make the switch - and with the new CS3 suite now out it seems that quarks time may finally have come to an end. For some in depth tutorials regarding InDesign CS3 head down to the Adobe Developer Center

So is Quark Finally Dead...

Over to you.
Do your use quark dear reader? Anybody not a fan of InDesign? Is there somehting Quark does that InDesign can't do? do you want to moan or groan? Leave a comment below...


Quark is the biggest piece of crap ever. I have to use it for work sometimes and I cringe every time. InDesign is infinitely better. Adobe should just buy them out and put them out of their misery.

I switched over to InDesign a few years ago and could never go back. It makes my job so much easier.

I just happened to stumble upon this journal and read this article, but never the less... I agree that InDesign is the way of the future but as far as industry standards are concerned, too many companies still use Quark files which can't easily be converted to InDesign without spending a lot of money. Over time though, every company will want to revamp their graphics a little, and that's when they'll switch over to InDesign.

@Nick - We disagree that Quark files would be expensive to carry across to Indesign - Unless Quark has changed in the latest version it was always that you could open a Quark file in Indesign but not an Indesign file in Quark! The only expense would be the training of the staff involved but as younger designers are growing up on Indesign this training expense probably won't be a major issue in the coming years...

I made the switch to Indesign from day one. I saw its early potential and implemented it into the studio. Its a must have item to have on your CV when I get freelancers in for overspilled work. I work along side another designer (6 years older than myself and a quark lover) and on a day to day basis we are always hurling abuse at each other, which turns into outright abuse which can often involve our mothers.
InDesign rules! It always has and always will.

Yes. Quark is dead. Quark R.I.P.
Yes, rest in peace. Go away. I don't care if version 6 finally has multiple undos. I have wasted far too much of my working life having to use Quark, and would be happy if I never had to open it again. Quark has never had adequate control over type or images. And what with control of type and images being it's main function, it totally fails, and always has. I really don't understand how it ever got to be industry standard. Piece of crap. I feel a little better after that rant.

I have been using quark for over 12 years now and with Indesign's presence on the scens, it's a no brainer that Indesign is a far superior product even from version 1. Quark has always been a difficult company to deal with (remember the PDF and PSD import fiasco). I've worked Macworld in San francisco two booths away from quark and I've go to say that Quark has the absolute unfriendliest personel I ever met. They resent their customers and are often rude.

I was a Quark user for years. Mostly because newspapers and magazines used it exclusively. Once I got out of publishing, I made the switch to CS. It was so much better, that I got the rest of the designers at my new company to move over, so that we didn't have to use two programs. Although some complained that it "reminded them of Pagemaker", none of them have gone back either.

Too be fair to Quark there is one big thing that it has over InDesign....
and I feel this thing out weighs, by far, the negative issues it has....

CMD>ALT>SHIFT>K the robot!!!

The little guy that stomps into our screens when we want to take 4 hours to delete a text box. Not only is the animation awesome ;) but the sound effects! InDesign can't match it.

Of course I jest. InDesign is a far slicker product at a way more competative price. My company bought Quark 6 back in 2003 for 32 licences it cost £5000!!! plus we weren't allowed to install on individual machines unless we set up this server machine and assigned IP addresses. After paying £5000 I want it to just work.
In the end Quark was just too set in its ways and paid the price for not evolving. Good riddenc I say.

like all successful companies in a new field with just about 100% market share, Quark became arrogant, alienated their core customers, provided terrible customer support, woeful upgrade features and became fat and happy. they are paying the price. from what i see and hear its a matter of time before they are history. unfortunately the same will happen with Adobe and InDesign. as much as people bitch about the free-market, with out competition QoS suffers eventually. Dont think so? Next time you go to the DMV let me know how you enjoy that experience.