Experimental Abstract 3D Work Completed

With the future of design looking like it will eventually go full on 3D (at least on the animation side of things), I thought I'd have to familiarize myself with how "3D works" staying ahead of the game and all that. So I downloaded a demo of Cinema 4D and followed a few tutorials - it's pretty good I must say. Very easy to use and a completely new opening in regards to creativity. Thinking in terms of that 3rd dimension really is different to the 2D environments I'm so used to. However, as always, I soon found myself leaving the tutorials and going off into a world of my own. The results are below - comments most welcome:

3D Experiments

Experimental 3D image

Experimental 3D image

Experimental 3D image


very nice - very graphic
wallpaper madness ;-)

I've also been interested in this 3th dimension
what are the restrictions on the demo ?
and what tutorials did you do ?

looking good mate,

Love the first example not the second two have as much impact, but its cool as mate.

Keep up the good work


The Cinema 4D demo is like most 3D packages demos - you can't render out at high res. However thats fine by me as I just wanted to sample what it can do. If I ever needed it (and its likley the way things are going), it's a great price at about £500. Great piece of software.

I did this simple tutorial but what is shown above is obiously me playing around...

Thanks for the comment Joe - love the photos on your site!