Adobe Launches CS3

Adobe have announced the launch of the latest set of industry leading programs, Creative Suite 3.

Although I haven’t personally purchased the suite yet (prices a little to high at the moment), I've been anticipating this release with interest. This release will probably affect the design industry in a big way – bigger than previous new launches from Adobe. From a print and a web perspective there are many interesting areas to consider.

From a print perspective you have the new InDesign. I'm hoping this will soon replace Quark as the industry leading publishing software and indeed it has done so in some quarters. I'm a big fan of InDesign because of its usability and cross programme functionality. I personally find Quark a right headache, lacking simple things which InDesign clearly has. For example Quark doesn't even have a simple eyedropper tool and it has limited undo's. Also I'm interested in the Illustrator and Photoshop upgrades (its hard to think of what they lack but I'm sure there will be new areas like 3D and vector tracing which will be improved).

From the web side we have Flash and Dreamweaver. I'm not too fussed about Dreamweaver because I prefer to hand code everything but I'm sure it will be worth a look. The new flash will be interesting also. Obviously Adobe have recently bought Macromedia (the previous owners of Flash and Dreamweaver). Macromedia, in my view, did a pretty good job but I always preferred Adobe software. I will be interested to see what these applications now look like and if things like hot keys have been changed to fit in with the Adobe packages.

I was also interested to see that Macromedia Freehand is not mentioned. I am unsure if its been completely cut or integrated with illustrator. This isn't a big deal to me but I sympathise with those designers who preferred it over illustrator.

So these are my views on this exciting new launch. If anybody has had a chance to look at these packages yet, I'd be interested in their views...


Matt, what price would you buy it for? Do you feel this version is more print or web based?