A Bite Of The Apple / Apples New Website

The New Website

Apple have redesigned their website and what a superb example of a good redesign it is. In this post we would like to take a little look at the new design and what has been done to move it on. Here is an example of the new design:

Apples New Website

The Old Website

Also at this stage, before we go into details it might be worth us reminding ourselves of the old site. Here is an example of that:
Apples Old Website

1. Aesthetics & Usability / Building On The Good

There was a lot right about apples previous website. When you consider the trend setting "glassy" look and the simplistic messaging and colours you have to admit that it was industry inspiring. The previous design had clear priorities; the home page was the shop window, there was a large area promoting the latest product and then smaller areas promoting different areas of the site. Imagery was key and the simplicity of the layout promoted ease of use. When you got in further the site changed from being a marketing tool to being an information giving site, showing the user what they wanted to see when they wanted it.

This strategy is spot on: On the home page of a site you give the user what YOU want them to see. On the inner pages your give the user what THEY want to see.

With this in mind a redesign was always going to be tough, but apple is not a company to put off moving with the times. As their competitors have just updated all their software and design styles to counter Apples super trend setting image, Apple is off again, and what a good job they've done of it.

In the redesign they have not only kept the successful strategy of the previous site, they have enhanced it. The shop window area has been made larger. The simplicity of the design elements has been increased. The glassy areas have been slightly toned down but subtle wet floor effects and light bevels have been introduced. The whole thing is slick and builds upon the success of the last site both in regards to aesthetics and in regards to usability.

2. Destroying The Bad / Out With The Old

What was bad about the old design? Not much. However the success of the old design was its downfall. The glassy looking navigation tabs was starting to look dated as everyone replicated it. The tabs are gone and in their place a swish looking nav (more below).

Also the ability to view this site on mobile devices is a lot easier I understand. This is probably due to the new launch of the iPhone. So out goes the bad code, in comes the new...

3. Navigation / Simple Simple Simple

For such a complex site I think Apple's simple navigation does them credit. 6 items in the primary nav filter you down into main sections of the site. These main sections act as mini home pages which filter you down again into the inner pages with side navigation. Yes indeed they have followed the "three click rule".

Also you will discover more graphic lead navigation in the top areas of some of the main pages. Visual aids are so useful to users and so what better way to utilize this and help filter people to their desired product.


So Apple have done it again. A nice looking redesign to aid their new product launches. Its slick and so very Apple.

What do you think about it reader? Is this another trend setter? Comments most welcome...


A big step ahead:

simple layout // easy navigation // clear structure

It is just what it has to be.